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Life of an entrepreneur- I will speak if someone will give me a stage. This was learned after a year with Susan Evans and Thrive business school (now Driven) . This Saturday I was selected to speak at HealthSouth Rehab Hospital to a support group that meets there monthly. These were people who happened to have an amputation of a limb. So I cancelled my Saturday morning clients and went to speak. Then, over to Doctor’s Hospital to work for a few hours (hence wearing scrubs).

I always learn something from speaking at support groups for various organizations. I will never forget a young man I met at a support group for autism at The Center for Independent Living. I was speaking on the 8 limbs of yoga and how doing yoga does not have to be just the physical aspects. When I got to the part of the “Golden Rule” or do on to others, without missing a beat said “I don’t agree with this statement. I may not want to be treated as you treat yourself. What if you don’t treat yourself well”. I asked this young man to write a book!

At the persons with an amputation support group, I just loved what the young man opened with. “Is your cup half full or half empty? I am just happy I still have a cup”. Powerful words on how to look at the world and lead right into what I talked about. These are all people that have experienced trauma. I was able to teach various tools and tips to get through their days. With all the networking that happens when running a business, I was able to provide them with other resources in the community.

As a weird turn of events during the day, I ended up hanging out with my (former) assistant Cody. I was not in a rush to get anywhere so we went to the new Whole Foods locally. I know she is numb to people watching but I was just stunned at the reaction to some people in the store. At one point we were in the frozen section and her wheelchair takes up space. As I was reading prices (because they were too high), one woman instead of saying excuse me rolled her eyes. This was a huge surprise to me. It goes back to the last blog post and why my business is name Soul To Soul Yoga. I am able to see a soul in another person and know they are capable. Clearly this is a person has no clue that she has her own soul. That was probably the most extreme example from the day but I am amazed at how many people just stare. I am sure the people I spoke to in the morning experience the same.

So I thought of this the entire ride home after dropping Cody off. People don’t know what they don’t know which is the definition of ignorance (thank you Larry Winget). So the moral of this rant is- continue to learn and continue working on yourself so you can help others.

This was originally posted by Cheryl Albright May 28, 2018 on Soul To Soul Yoga website

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*As a random side note- Whole Foods you need to lower your counters and be a tad more accessible*

*As a random side note- Whole Foods you need to lower your counters and be a tad more accessible*

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