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I have been working with an editor for over a year and the book is not done. I procrastinated and thought well I have a 12+ hour flight from JFK to Doha and will clearly need something to do. I was in a window seat. If you have been on big international flights you know in coach you are crammed in like sardines. There was no hope of getting my laptop out and actually writing anything. I prepared though. I made the google doc accessible off line and transferred all the blog posts I had written over to make it organized. And the whole month I was gone, I only wrote the next few paragraphs.

During orientation for SkillCorp (R), we talked about dealing with things as they come up. The analogy was dog poo. Have the materials ready and if your dog goes to the bathroom, be prepared to clean in up. When you don’t, what are the consequences? Someone could step in it and make a mess. Well, I didn’t even acknowledge the fact the poo was there and went about my trip. There was nothing new for my editor to read when I returned.

I will save the actual trip to Africa for another post. After I decided that I would spend a week in Santorini. Great for solo travelers and small enough island where I didn’t feel the need to go see all the things. From my hotel room you could see both sides of the island. The hotel was really close to Santo Wines and didn’t look that far but I would not recommend walking up that hill! I spent most of the afternoon enjoying the amazing views and people watching. I started thinking about when I was a kid and playing Where in the World is Carmen SanDiego? I knew I wanted to leave the very small town I grew up in and see the world. I took a moment of gratitude that I I’m actually doing it.

I observed the group of older gentleman getting together for coffee and no doubt talking sports and politics. I don’t speak Greek but I don’t have to. This same scenario I have seen all over Europe. There were couples enjoying espresso. It didn’t matter if you were in a small town diner, cafe, or a vineyard. The human experience was still the same. Then the sibling brain kicks in. Do they know anyone with a disability? Child? Grand Child? Niece or nephew? I didn’t see anyone while I was there. Do they ever get tired of thee views? I had so many questions.

I get funny looks when I travel alone. They see my wedding ring and wonder where is my husband? The guy at the front desk looked and didn’t ask. With all my responsibilities, I wanted quiet and yes traveling far out of the United States was needed. Greece was on the way home from Rwanda, right? The group of people I was traveling with to Africa didn’t get it at first until I explained one night over dinner. The facial expressions were enough. I went through enough shit in the past two years and this was not just a vacation. It was time to process my emotions, focus on my yoga practice, and continue to trust my gut.

Like I was taught this summer, it was time to stop stepping over the shit and deal with it. Clean it up and through it away so no one else steps in it or makes a mess. Welcome to the not so pretty, absolutely insane, sibling twist on Eat, Pray, Love.

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