Meditation is Not WooWoo

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Do you know what every successful millionaire does every day? Meditate! This is not something just for the hippie tree huggers, new ages followers, or those crazy yogis. I don’t deny these people exist but this is what they all have in common. listed 11 famous entrepreneurs that meditate every morning.

Meditation is just the process of being in one position for a prolonged period of time with a single point focus. Did you know the average person reports that they are only 50% productive at work due to not being able to focus? Many entrepreneurs will tell you that they don’t have that time to waste.

“But I can’t turn off my thoughts!” “Its too hard” Do you really just want to be focused 50% of your day? Can you imagine if you are only attentive for 50% of the time while you drive!?. Here is the big secret- all those thoughts don’t turn off. It is a matter of controlling all the squirrels running around. Some people use their breath, others use mantras or positive affirmations repeated over and over again, or others use some kind of guided mediation.

Mediation will increase grey matter and brain growth. It has been proved to increase function in the areas of sustained attention, self-control, compassion, and body awareness. One of my current clients put in a meditation station in her home. She is a preteen and quickly realized that if she meditated everyday, she did not have a meltdown!! So now, she meditates everyday using guided method through apps and CDs on days that she is not have her therapy session. Parents-how would you like to eliminate meltdowns at home?

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