To The Parents of Children with Special Needs…

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Are you prepared when there is a family emergency? Is there a plan for your child with a disability? What is the plan? What are the wishes? No one wants to talk about sickness or what will happen when you are no longer around. I just wanted to make a few suggestions I have learned.

1. Be Prepared
Where are all of your important documents? Do you have these documents?
My suggestion- have a spot for health care proxy, power of attorney, guardianship paperwork, insurance policies. It doesn’t matter if they are in a safe deposit box or in your sock drawer. Please have everything together and a place for them. At the minimum, have the important peoples numbers such as an attorney or accountants number where it can be found. And make sure all these professionals have your power of attorney paperwork as well as your bank.
I do understand that to have these documents done, it costs money. It is so important to protect you and the child with special needs.

2. Can your neurotypical child leave their jobs to take of you and your affairs for an extended period of time?
Most people would say no. We grow up and have our own families and careers. I was very lucky that I had gotten my business to the point of most clients have a sub in my absence. The hospital I work for was also very supportive. I spend the better part of 6 weeks in my home town without worry. My suggestion is to have some spare cash tucked away to assist your child for airfare or time away from their jobs. Most people can’t afford to leave their jobs for that long especially if they live far away..

3. Have the guardianship done if needed.
I was in the process of becoming co-guardian. Long story as to why it took so long but its done now and was almost too late. Discuss your wishes with the lawyer and the persons you wish to have guardianship. Make sure this is filed correctly. All states are very different

4. This is to the parents- please start cleaning out your homes now!
My generation for the most part are not antique collectors or collect things in general. Please please please do not have a house full of stuff we then have to take care of. Please. This can not be emphasized enough. Through yoga training, I have just learned to not have attachments to things or possessions. Not everyone is going to feel this way and that is fine. This goes back to point number 2 however. Do your children have the time and resources to clean it all out?

The intent for this post was not to scare anyone. Have a plan. Make sure people of importance know what that plan is. For more information or to have Cheryl come speak to your organization, please email Cheryl Albright at or phone 941-702-2035.

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