Woodworking for People with Autism – Gregory’s story

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Woodworking for autism is very unique to any person diagnosed with it, most especially those that put real focus and try to forget the past experiences where anxiety, fear, and anger surrounds them.

But it is observed that this is not the case for people diagnosed with autism rather, despite the special challenges they go through, there are individuals diagnosed with autism that are able to live beyond it and enjoy a peaceful and meaningful life.

Individuals diagnosed with autism or those set of people who have any form of disabilities should try and look into the life of Gregory Chabollah and use it as an inspiration to change from their mentality towards life. Going into the story line of Gregory Chabollah, you will discover that many individuals who are challenged in different ways which could either be physical disabilities or mental disabilities will use him as an inspiration to succeed and have an enjoyable life time.

In the year 1998, when Gregory Chabollah , was 3, it was confirmed that he was diagnosed with a form of autism called the Pervasive Development Disorder – Not otherwise Specified or PDD – NOS. At that time, the diagnosis was estimated at one (1) in every ten thousand (10,000) children. So during that time, it was very difficult for both him and his mother, Michelle as he was struggling in both the society and the school which lasted for almost 15 years.

Gregory Chabollah was told by different types of specialists that he would never communicate well enough, dress himself, feed himself and to cap it all, not able to do much reading and writing. But Gregory Chabollah had huge support from his family and because of the love his family gave him, he didn’t allow the diagnosis define his life. He was able to do more than what the doctors or specialists had predicted for him in the past.

People must have questioned how he started the woodworking business and how he became so successful in it. Well, Gregory Chabollah career all started when he encountered a woodworker named Pasty Williams who introduced the business to him. Gregory had so much love for it when he saw Pasty making crosses on a saw and asked Pasty to teach him woodworking business.

Pasty Williams agreed to enlighten Gregory on woodworking because he saw the interest in him. Then the two began with making simple things before they advanced into making complicated cuts and designs. Gregory Chabollah who had initial interest on woodworking, then turned it into a full career.

After some time in the business, his woodworking business grew across Texas. He was also operating online where he allowed people to easily contact him through his facebook account and his official website.

He is also currently active in combining art shows and festivals, and his facebook account, he frequently invites people to link up with him and discover his work.

Indeed, there are great lessons to be learned from Gregory Chabollah story, most especially those who were born with disabilities or those who have major challenges in life. Gregory Chabollah did not only succeed in his woodworking business; he was also communicating and interacting with his customers which was highly unpredicted. And with these, in collaboration with the love and support he had from his family, he is able to live a peaceful and an enjoyable life.

Gregory Chabollah story and his woodworking career is a story that will inspire thousands of people. Despite his condition, he was able to have passion and make use of it which includes the benefits get from it and the sense of pride and fulfilment.

Read the full interview with Gregory and his mother Michelle on Sawinery: https://www.sawinery.net/blog/gregory-chabolla-story-from-spectrum-to-woodworking-business/

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