Forbes Article- 13 Yoga Myths You Should Stop Believing

I was super excited the night I got the email that my quote would be mentioned in this Forbes article by Joni Sweet. She actually emailed me the night before to let me know. I am very grateful for the mention and the PR that comes from this opportunity. And, there was not a whole lot of diversity within the article. I have attached it here. The picture and Instagram links were not diverse, were the opposite of the myth (i.e you have to be flexible to practice yoga with a posture you have to be flexible for).

The million dollar question- how in the world was I mentioned in Forbes in the first place? I learned from my friend Christina Nicolson, owner of Media Maven, about HARO- Help A Reporter Out. I get daily emails from writers and journalists regarding stories that they are working on and share my expertise. Joni had mentioned she was working on yoga myths and I wanted a different spin on what everyone else was going to write about. I am mentioned in myth number 3 so go take a look.

Because of the pandemic, I have slowed down. The business is still going but I don’t have to do as much driving from client to client. This has reminded me to take the time to act like a business owner and not just a job I created for myself. I take the time to create (like launching this blog) and started paying attention to those HARO emails again. I submitted a good pitch and got mentioned. I probably have not done this in a least 6 months. I get up, do my yoga practice, see some clients, and make sure I get time to create content, research, presentations, and the list goes on. I have had some personal interruptions (will be mentioned in a different post) that have taken brain space and now I am back.

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Side Note- Pexel could you please add more diverse stock photos. Not everyone with Down Syndrome or in a wheel chair is white.

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