Siblings as Therapists

There has been an increase of children on my caseload that are the sibling, not necessarily the individual with special needs. The common theme is regulation typically due to some form of anxiety. Jessica Leving wrote this children’s book about her brother with autism. It has turned into a great therapy tool. Many siblings are really resignation with the fact that there is a book that speaks to them. This has become a great telehealth activity.


One student reported after reading the book, that he feels that his mother loves his sibling more than him. Parents- do not feel alarmed by this statement. This is a perfectly normal developmental reaction with the sibling with special needs demands more of your attention. This sib knows that it is not true but felt this sense of relief once it was said like the weight had been lifted off.

Siblings of Children with Autism, A Guide for Families by Sandra L Harris, Ph.D & Beth A Glasberg, Ph.D

I ordered this book with the attitude that I could have written it and what possibly could they tell me. Once I got over myself and removed the ego, this is a great tool for parents that is much more pragmatic than I could put it. Also, backed by research. Parent’s this is a must read. And do not let the autism word deter you from reading it if your child does not have autism. Autism could be replaced with any developmental diagnosis- down syndrome, cerebral palsy, behavioral disorders, etc.

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