Taking a Break

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This past week I took a break for 7 days. My husband and I went to Orlando. We are only about 2 hours away. COVID numbers are still horrible in Florida. And, I was ready to crack. Taking a break is needed. I still got some phone calls and had a few scheduling mishaps. We have not stopped since my father got sick in January of 2019. Any and all travel revolves around work, my brother, or my father. I thought 2019 was bad not knowing when and where I was going much less what time zone I was in. And then moving my brother 2000 miles in the height of a pandemic this year was the cherry on top. Here are a few of my favorite things to do when I stop and breathe for a minute.

I haven’t had Korean food since leaving Rochester. This place was very much Americanized but bibimbap is so good. Hot stone with rice, veggies, and an egg gets cooked as you mix it in. They did not have vegetarian kimchi but that’s ok. This was conveniently next to Whole Foods. We’re we stayed had a full kitchen so shopping was next.

One of my calming techniques is to color. I always bring adult coloring books and coloring tools with me on vacation. Sounds strange but so calming. Sunday was a wash out and rained all day. My husband watched football. It doesn’t matter what we do but it’s nice to stop.

No. Didn’t go to a temple. We went to microbreweries around Orlando. There are fun ones just about everywhere you travel now. They typically have decent foods, fun beers to try, and characters working at them. It’s something we like to do together.

I know we live at the beach and some of the best are near us but the Atlantic is like home after going to school in NC. The salt in the air clears out the sinus. What is not pictured is me totally relaxed and took a 30 minute nap listening to the ocean.

And one of the best parts was finally getting to see my brother after like 5 months!! He looks great. They got some weight on him. He’s calm. He likes his house. Staff are doing great with him. I was more than impressed. He actually just hung out. In NY, there was locks on the kitchen door and triple locks on the doors. Not anymore and he’s not running. If he could only talk about the hot mess that was his group home in NY.

We had a great week and are starting to plan the next get away. Next time my assistant will help so I don’t screw up the schedule again. What do you like to do on vacation to relax. Post comments below 👇

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  1. Yum Korean food is amazing! I’m glad your brother has settled in well, that must be a big relief. I love planning vacations and making lists of recommended coffee shops, restaurants and rough itineraries which will be suitable for Keanu and that we will all enjoy.

    I also love getting a message when my family come with us on holiday! My husband and I are still yet to enjoy a kid-free holiday..Sob!

    1. Yes. Huge relief! My brother went from a house with 12 residents to 6. Its so much quieter. I’m sure that helps too.
      I know a lot of parents in your boat. I usually go in the restaurant a head of time and tell them my brothers coming. Not to bring the food out too hot, he make noises, etc.

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