Just Stopping For a Minute

Picture of a pool, lounge chairs, and plants

I was not 💯 sure what I wanted to write about this week. I could get on the political sib soap box , why both political parties suck when it comes to disability rights, or anything of the like but decided to just stop. It’s beautiful this morning where I live. Had my coffee outside. Watched the dogs play. Made amazing treats for breakfast. And we got our first fig off the tree!

Sunday can be a panic day for me. To do lists and goal setting for the following week. I have a million things to do- EOBs need to be sent in, emails I didn’t get to this week (my assistant took a week off), paperwork for a doctoral student, liability insurance needs to be paid for the year, planning next CE event, presentations for conferences/guest lectures, and the list is a mile long.

GIF breathing into a paper bag

What I’ve learned is that if you don’t stop, none of those things get done. My yoga teachers always quote someone “meditate everyday for 10 minutes unless you have a busy day, meditate for an hour”. You have to have a clear mind and focus to get everything accomplished. I wish my dogs would sit there while I mediated. Instead, they whine by the door for me to let them out with me to then start playing when I do and it doesn’t work.

Picture of a woman meditating with her dog

Today is Sunday. And some of that list will get done but so will stuff I want to do. I would like to make soap. Have Christmas/holiday smells picked out and goat milk frozen. I want to read for a bit and give myself a manicure today. Meanwhile for now, I will enjoy the birds singing while the dogs sunbathe. I will calendar block all the things listed above.

Hope everyone had a wonderful day! Share what you like to do when you stop in the comments below. 👇

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