Time To Speak Up….

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I was listening to my friend Christina Nicholson’s podcast Media Maven and she discussed how she was voting this year. It’s a quick 15 minute listen. She had valid points regarding the election and I have to agree. She could not get health insurance while pregnant! People, it is time to wake up. This is all I am going to say about that but take a listen to the podcast.

The reason I bring it up comes back to the sibling story. I am still not sure when left or right became life or death. There are people in this country who were born with disabilities. They did not choose to have this disability and yet, we (as in our government) discard them like they are not valued citizens. And really what it comes down to is money. It costs a lot to keep them safe. What I will tell you is lack of care and lack of waiver supports actually costs tax payers more. It’s a trickle down effect. Here is one example. Without services, many parents can not work. Many people with developmental disabilities are not trained to work and do not leave the house at 18. (We will talk about frustrations with millennials later). So you now have a parent and child on government assistance programs. Now if the money for services were there, the parent can work. This also creates jobs for people in day programs, therapists providing necessary services, and so on. THIS WILL CREATE JOBS. Read that again.

Then as a sibling- I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR MY SIBLING FINANCIALLY. Sibs- read this again. What happens when that parent mentioned above can no longer take care of the person with the disability. They become disabled themselves or are no longer with us? Now, I realize I am white and privileged. I will buy anything that I think will help my brother. He will probably get the hug sleep sac thing (giant body sock) I saw on Shark Tank last night for Christmas. I am more than happy to do that. And I am not responsible for his housing or healthcare. THIS DOES NOT FALL ON THE SIBLINGS!! So when crisis happens, guess what tax payers. Now it is forced and crisis costs more. Parents- see the previous blog post regarding having a plan.

I am a small business owner. How dare I what a party in office that could raise my taxes? Well, if it improves the life and care of my brother I am fine with it. It does not matter who is in office. Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are not going broke anytime soon regardless of the political party in the White House. The left has just as much work to do as the right.

Can we all just stop and take a minute to realize history that was just made? We have a woman VP!!!! I never thought I was going to see that day in my life time. And a person with a mild disability as president (stuttering speech disorder). I know there have been others with a disability but they attempted to hide it. The future number 46 is the only one who has mentioned people with disabilities in his speeches. Number 45 never had my vote and definitely lost it the second he made fun of someone with a disability. I somewhat liked the idea of the private sector in the White House, just the wrong person.

I typically stay away from politics as it causes people to have crazy reactions. It comes down the the quality of life for my sibling. Until you have a person with a disability in your family, you should not get a say so in how my sibling or other people with disabilities are treated. It is not a right or left issue. It is a civil rights issue. Don’t confuse the two.

I will end with prayers for peace for all. Om Shanti Om- May the entire creation be filled with peace, joy, love and light. 🙏🙏🙏

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