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BIPOC Round Table Discussions

Last year, the Sibling Leadership Network collaborating with the Sibling Support Project and Special Needs Siblings created BIPOC round table discussions. I wanted to share the discussions. I have mentioned before when doing a ride a long with the local sheriff’s department reported they would not know the difference between someone on drugs and someone who has an intellectual disability. It can be even more frightening if you are in the BIPOC community. The case example is Matthew Rushin. He is a young black male who was in a non fatal car accident caused by a seizure and was sentenced to 50 years. This makes me so mad! The people who stormed the capital are getting minimal sentences. I will digress. It is clear there is a race issue in Virgina. The police officers used his echolalia speech patterns against him. Long story short is he was been pardoned but the charges have not been exonerated yet. Please see my last blog post regarding Fear.

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For more information regarding the Sibling Leadership Network, Sibling Support Project, Special Needs Siblings, or Matthew Rushin, please click the links.

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