The Worry Witch

Image of the front cover of Chill Children Guided Relaxation. Child on a magic carpet cartoon.

Schools have been back in session for at least 10 weeks. My business goes to a variety of different schools including those that are just for children with disabilities and other private schools in the area. The one private school decided to have group classes and not just private students.

I was given the CD Chill Children when I left Mary Cariola in 2010 to do traveling therapy. The woman who gave me this CD was one of the social workers. I don’t know if she understands the impact she has had with giving me this one CD. I have used it for therapy now for years. Typically with 1:1 sessions. During the session, we will weave the worries into a quilt. One quilt made a court appearance.

I always run a risk of playing the Worry Witch with children I do not know. I am always shocked at the responses of what kids are carrying everyday. They have real world big worries at a very young age. There are added pressure of schools, increased demands that are not developmentally appropriate, and learning to manage their own emotions. Here is a very short list of what was said to me in one yoga class:

  1. parents divorce
  2. friends pet died and worried about their own senior dog
  3. math class
  4. coming out to their parents
  5. friend recently killed in a car accident

These are huge worries for children. It still blows me away what kids say after hearing this guided relaxation. This is a private school. The children are privileged. Imagine playing this in the public schools especially those in low social economic neighborhoods. The dialog would very much change to where am I sleeping tonight and will I have dinner?

I have attached this children’s meditation here. Listen to it. What would you leave with the worry witch? Try it with your children. You maybe surprised what they say.

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