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Mental Health and Siblings

adult alone anxious black and white

As we have headed into the holiday season, this isn’t the happiest time of year for many people including siblings. Many holidays have brought back childhood memories that maybe are not the most pleasant. Throw in the current pandemic and emotions are running wild. This years season is going to look much different than previous. Less travel, missing loved ones, not allowed to see family members due to restrictions, and overall chaotic climate especially here in the US. I just wanted to share tips and resources as we head into the home stretch of 2020.

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Its ok to relax….

It really is ok to stop and relax. Hang out with your pet (we have 3 dogs if someone needs some cuddles). Do what you like to do. For me its is cooking and starting to create holiday gifts for others. Don’t have a hobby- read a book, magazine, or just take the time to figure out what you like to do.

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This is hard for many. I am not going to say a whole lot hear but hear are some guided relaxations to try.

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Talk to someone

Sometimes just reaching out to someone you have not chatted with in a while is all you need. This includes text, Facebook, DMs, or what ever mode of communication you use these days. Find a support group. I have posted this many times on here but if you are a special needs sibling and not on Sibnet on Facebook, please join. You will find many people in your same situation.

For those that are truly struggling, please reach out to your local NAMI (National Alliance of Mental Illness) chapter to help link resources in your area. Not everyone has coverage for mental health services and hopefully this will help someone or someone you know. Please feel free to share.

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