What is Happening?

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This post will be short and sweet. I do not understand what is happening in the world. My husband and I went to South Beach for our anniversary. Just a long weekend. We parked the car and on the way to the hotel was a very drunk woman. She smelled flammable. Like don’t strike a match and was still drinking while attempting to stay on the sidewalk. I was called a bitch and a cracker before we even get to the hotel. Someone walks by and says “welcome to Miami”. The funny thing is I wouldn’t think twice if this was NY.

We get settled and after dinner we go take a walk on the beach. I am not paying attention and enjoying our walk. There were a few men that said hello and I honestly was not paying enough attention to know they were talking to us. And, I am called a bitch for the second time that day.

How do you know I speak English? It is South Beach. How do you know I am not deaf or blind? What is happening?

The rest of the weekend was quiet. It just got me thinking as we were walking around. What is happening to people? I know behavior is a form of communication. The woman was numbing something and clearly my being there as a white woman reminded her of something. The men on the beach were drunk. Did it really hurt their ego that I did not say hello back? Why were they so quick to react? Their neurological impairment was temporary however I have worked with individuals like this in the past. Are we just that angry?

I am not sure what is happening to people in this state or country for that matter. Maybe the sib brain just teaches us to look at the world differently. As we go into the New Year, just be kind. Not toxic positivity just kind to one another. I would love to know your thoughts!

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