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What is Self Care?

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When you think of self care, what comes to mind? I know healthy methods of self care were not observed in my house hold growing up. Alcohol use to maxing out credit cards are all I remember. There is a lot of buzz around this topic. When you add a child with special needs to the mix, how are you supposed to make time for self care? What is self care? Many of the podcasts I have listed to by parents that have children with special needs talk about this subject in multiple episodes. (Once Upon A Gene, Accepting the Unacceptable, Parenting ADHD , and countless others)

Personally, I can relate to the burnout. Taking care of others is a full time job. The phone is always ringing. Things I learned along the way were to delegate, ask for help when needed, label the emotion that was coming up, and reach out to others when I needed to talk. I am not one for journaling but I have plenty of notebooks laying around with just ideas in it. This blog was one of them.

I recently met a young woman who recognized the fact that parents of children with special needs were not taking care of themselves. Kabrena Williams started Scratch Made Consulting. Kabrena is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and she is using what she knows about behavior in a slightly different way. She helps parents of special needs children feel good so they can show up for their families.

Mother going crazy with small children at home

I am sure most parents can relate to this photo. Especially since we are working from home, virtual school, virtual therapy appointments, stress of the state of the country, and the list goes on. I have a friend that has to record her podcast in her closet so she is not interrupted.

Burnout to Breakout

A 12 week private 1:1 coaching program for Special Needs Parents, focused on creating an actionable plan to help you reduce burnout. We create customized self-care plans to help you implement it into your life in a consistent way. This program is for the Special Needs parent that is tired of putting themselves on the back burner and realize though their family may not say it, they need you at your best.

If you want more information on self care coaching, please reach out to Kabrena.

Kabrena video on Special Needs Parents Case Study

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