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The Million Dollar Question…….

Frequently asked question

How do you do what you do with a full plate???

I hear this at least once a day so I thought I would just put my answers here and redirect people to my blog. New to this blog- please see the post regarding responsibilities to figure out what all is on my plate right now. So, how do I do what I do with everything I have going on? Here is my list.

1. Delegate- I try to delegate as much as I can. I hired a geriatric case manager to help with my fathers needs. Her company fields all calls from the facility, schedules doctors appointments as well as attends them when necessary, and deals with the long term care insurance. (My husband loves this show so I couldn’t help it). For more information, please visit Senior Crossroads of Florida.

I also hired an assistant back in November to help with the business. She helps with just about everything except for me speaking and my documentation. She is an absolute rock star. Not only was I able to keep her employed during COVID, I increased her hours.

2. Yoga and Meditation– the science behind yoga and meditation was on last weeks blog post. It has decreased inflammation, increased my ability to focus, and increased resiliency. Resiliency seems to be a popular word in the therapy world these days. All it means is your ability to bounce back after a stressful situation or event. After several months of nonstop stress, I am doing much better. Even lost 14 pounds and counting.

3. Boundaries- this is a tough one for anybody. During COVID, I realized that I will only see clients 10-6 Monday through Thursday and done by 4 on Fridays. Let’s not get that confused with me not working before 10. Yoga and meditation happen before anything. I check emails and messages. But for my sanity, I am done at 6 so if I have paperwork for my sibling or father, I will complete that after dinner or before emails in the morning. Depends on the day.

This has been a tough one especially with long time clients or family members. No more Saturdays unless I am presenting or a one time event. Sibshops eventually will go here. And the second I am allowed to go get my sibling, this will also most likely be on a Saturday. #covidsucks

4. Saying No. This is also a hard one and goes along with number 3. I have the same 24 hours that everyone else does. I am in bed by 10:30 and up at 7 (ish). The phone is on do not disturb from 10pm to 7am. I started this when my father was in hospice because I would startle awake and look at the phone to see if I got the call. There is nothing I can do at 3 am so I might as well get some sleep. With COVID, there hasn’t been as many networking events but I am just not doing the evening ones anymore. It’s too much. Once a quarter for the local OT association is enough. The occasional speaking gig will happen but I was out it felt like every night I was working. Nope- no more.

5. Doing what I like doing. We all have things we would like to do. I like to do any number of things. I put in raised beds for gardens this weekend, baked a ton of sourdough bread products and stocked the freezer, took a rest Saturday afternoon while it rained, and met with some other special needs siblings. I also did a presentation with Yoga for Scleroderma Sunday morning and Zoom presentation with the team for the India support group. I haven’t made soap in a couple weeks so maybe that will be on this list for next weekend. I also like to read and I make time for that.

6. Last but not least- routines. I try to go to bed and wake up at the same time. Work schedules staying the same. Meal prep so foods are generally the same each week. AKA taco Tuesday. This helps with stress and stress eating as well. Sunday night has turned into bath night. I think this started when I was taking care of my father. It was 20-25 minutes I could read uninterrupted. There is now a stack of books next to the bathtub. Current bathtub book is Bird by Bird. Maybe my writing will get better.

There is the secret. I have spelled it all out. Please stop reminding me my plate is full. I am more than aware. There are days that it is overwhelming and just hearing those words is incredibly frustrating. The new normal is what everyone is saying in response to COVID. Well here is my new normal. Learning to keep a peaceful mind no matter what is thrown my way. It’s not easy.

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