There is No Such Thing as Balance!

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I hear many people talk about work life balance. There are 168 hours in a week. If you get 8 hours of sleep everyday and work 40 hours that leaves you with 72 hours for the week. And if you commute to work, take off even more time. There is no balance. It all has to work together. I had a business coach call it harmony but I am not sure that I would use harmony is the description. Harmony sounds too nice and it is not peaceful. Accord maybe? (I am not one with words.) And if you are a caregiver of a parent or sib, where does that fit it? Work or life?

If you go back to the post about the million dollar question, how do I do everything with such a full plate? I still wish that people would stop saying that. I have many plates- not just one and they all have to be worked on daily.

I was talking with my husband the other day when he asked about my day, his head started spinning. There are days when I am not even sure how everything was accomplished. Most phone calls happen when I am driving. Let’s just say I sleep well.

We will lump everything I do for and in the business as one. I average roughly 20-30 sessions a week depending on cancellations working in the business. As I write this, I can hear every business coach I ever had saying stop that. Last week I did a podcast interview and I do spend some time pitching the media. I currently have an OT student so there is that. I have evaluations to write up. COTAs to supervise. There are always fires to put out. I have an amazing assistant so that does help.

This week I had two COTA’s take off and did 35 sessions. My brother’s group home did call. I have a OT student. And before I knew I would have therapists off this week, I picked up a Saturday shift at the hospital I work PRN. I learned a few lessons yesterday from patients. I saw multiple individuals that were there for neurological symptoms but nothing was found. One entrepreneur, one in grief, and one special needs parent. I could completely relate to all of them.

What I learned, I am stopping today. I am reading a book, going to roast my own coffee and maybe do my nails. Self care and mental health are never looked at in a physical medical setting. The brain and the body are connected and I just don’t understand why mental health checkups are not a yearly wellness visit. I can tell you where Medicare dollars could be saved. I saw it with my own eyes yesterday. Siblings and parents, please take care of your mental health before your body tells you to.

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