Trying to figure out what to write about and realized that I have 10 posts drafted and not finished. I also have not published a blog post in several weeks. Go back to my post on Grief is a Funny Thing. Somedays its even hard to get a thought out. So, instead of a heavy post, I will keep it light with some of my favorite podcasts that I listen to as I am driving around. I hope you check them out.

Business Related Podcasts

I met Christina in a business coaching program we were both in a few years ago. She has built an amazing business and is some one I look up to. My assistant is in her Media Mentoring program now. I learned to pitch the media myself and if you go to the In The Media page on this site, it was mostly thanks to this lady.

I don’t remember when I first heard about Azul. It was either Christina listed above or on Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income podcast. He is a writing coach and helps people get their books done. Azul will be my first phone call when I decide to get my book done. He has some great interviews on his podcast.

What’s not to love about Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran. She does some interviews but my favorite episodes are the quick 8-10 minute answering questions. So if you have any business related questions, you can literally call 888-Barbara and the question maybe answered on one of her episodes.

Disability Related Podcasts

This really has turned into one of my favorite podcasts and not just because I was a guest on it. The have amazing interviews from professionals and people with autism. Rachel is amazing at interviewing. You have to check out this amazing community. Once we can travel, they are my first phone call.

Although this podcast is from Pennsylvania, the goal of Joyce Bender and her business is to get people with disabilities employed. I am amazed at the partnerships she has made and even the embassies around the world hire her to speak how to employ more people with disabilities.

This podcast keeps me up to speed in what is going on in Florida as far as disability rights is concerned. I really appreciated the episodes pre and post legislative summits. They also do interviews regarding a variety of disability related topics.

Informational Podcasts

If you are a psychology nerd like me, you will love this podcast. His interviews are very timely based on current events. The people David interviews are amazing. I like to learn how the human brain thinks and how they get the research to support human behavior.

There are a few episodes that particularly caught my eye on the latest in autism research. If you are a science nerd like myself, you will love this podcast.

I met Jivana in my travels. First in NYC for his first Accessible Yoga Conference and then in St. Louis when I spoke at his conference. I am very much in the disability rights space but this podcast has definitely opened my eyes to other social injustice that I was just not aware of. Thank you Jivana and Amber.

There are a few others that I listen to occasionally but these are the top ones that I go to when driving around. If you have a podcast recommendation, please let me know. I love to learn. And let me know what you think of the podcasts that I have listed here.

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