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Working with Individuals with Limited Language

Sibling who is considered nonverbal I was putting together a presentation for the Global Yoga Therapy Summit . Although I was not chosen to give a live presentation, they did ask for a pre-recorded 45 minute presentation. I really wanted to talk about working with individuals that don't use verbal language to communicate. So without… Continue reading Working with Individuals with Limited Language

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Yoga As A Niche Practice

Outside of the box for occupational therapy practices This week I was invited to speak to a group of students for Indian Hills Community College in Iowa. The title of the class was Emerging Practice Areas in OT. I am not 100% sure how I found the professor but I believe it was on Facebook… Continue reading Yoga As A Niche Practice

Occupational Therapist, Sibling

Siblings as Therapists

Special Siblings by Jessica Leving There has been an increase of children on my caseload that are the sibling, not necessarily the individual with special needs. The common theme is regulation typically due to some form of anxiety. Jessica Leving wrote this children's book about her brother with autism. It has turned into a great… Continue reading Siblings as Therapists